Pupil Achievements

Special achievements

Royal Ballet Associates:
Isabel Harrod, Isabella Hoe, Charlotte Parrish, Lehanna Smith

Northern Ballet Associates:
Lily-May Bower, Isabel Harrod, Ruby Headspith, Rosie Johnston, Lydia Jones, Ella Kirk, Maddisosn Longhorn, Hannah Lucas, Isobel Painter, Emma Parnaby, Mia Pearson, Sophie Pulford, Evania Ryan, Kedra Weatherill, Megan Williamson

Northern Ballet Award 2016 Winners:

Ballet – Kedra Weatherill, Contemporary – Rosie Johnston

Yorkshire Ballet Scholars:
Ruby Headspith, Lucy Pickersgill

Midland Associates:
Emily Bucknall, Graicee-Ella Caulfield, Ava Pearson, Mia Pearson

Hull Festival 2015/2016:
Most Potential Senior – Emily Gunn, Most Outstanding Dancer – Emily Bolton, Bursary Winner – Lily-May Bower, Choreography Award Winner – Eryn Hudson

PWM Festival 2015/2016:
Most Potential Junior – Rosie Atkin, Most Innovative Performance – Abbie Fewster, Most Musical Inter Performance – Maddison Longhorn, Most Musical Senior Performance – Isabella Hoe, Most Promising Dancer – Emily Gunn, Tring Bursary Winner – Hannah Lucas, Urdang Bursary Winner – Josie Walker, Urdang Workshop Winner – Emily Bolton

PWM Festival 2016/2017:
Most Potential Junior – Kaitlyne Shaw, Most Potential Inter/Senior – Ella Kirk, Most Musical Inter Performance – Maddison Longhorn, Most Musical Senior Performance – Lily-May Bower, Tring Bursary Winner – Isabella Hoe, Laine Bursary Winner – Hannah Lucas

IDTA Theatre Awards 2015 / 2016

IDTA Theatre Awards- Nominees 2015-16:
Emily Bolton, Emily Bucknall, Annabelle Clappison, Hope Dodson, Isabella Hoe, Neve Hudson, Rosie Johnston, Katie Lister, Sophie Pulford, Elle Reid, Megan Sison, Claudia Ulrick, Kedra Weatherill, Megan Williamson

IDTA Theatre Awards – Tap Grades Runner Up:
Rosie Johnston

IDTA Representative for the Theatre Dance International Scholarships:
Rosie Johnston

IDTA Theatre Awards- Nominees 2016-17:
Beth Curry, Daisy Grannon, Chelsea Hall, Isabella Hoe, Eryn Hudson, Rosie Johnston, Ella Kirk, Maddison Longhorn, Sophie Pulford, Frances Shepherdson, Josie Walker

Tring Easter School Bursary Winner 2016:
Rosie Johnston


Intermediate Foundation:
Emma Ashwell (Merit) Eloise Barker (Merit) Isobel Dibnah, Isabel Harrod (Merit) Ruby Headspith (Distinction) Lydia Jones (Merit) Ella Kirk (Distinction) Jessica Lowery (Distinction) Nicola Mackinder (Merit) Libby Menzies (Merit) Maddie Ogle (Merit) Isobel Painter, Emma Parnaby (Merit) Lucy Pickersgill (Distinction) Matilda Smith (Merit) Isobel Sutton (Merit) Claudia Ulrick (Distinction) Josie Walker (Distinction) Millie Welburn (Merit)

Amy Ashwell (Merit) Hope Dodson (Distinction) Harriet Hewitt (Merit) Eryn Hudson (Merit) Lauren Johnson (Merit) Leah Kitchen (Merit) Lizzie Maltby (Merit) Julie Mackinder (Merit) Ellie Moses (Merit) Mia Pearson (Distinction) Jaye Stark (Merit) Libby Taylor (Distinction) Millie West (Merit) Megan Williamson (Merit)

Advanced Foundation:
Lily-May Bower (Merit) Abbie Fewster (Distinction) Daisy Grannon (Merit) Isabella Hoe (Distinction) Neve Hudson (Merit) Rosie Johnston (Distinction) Hannah Lucas (Distinction) Sophie Pulford (Distinction) Kedra Weatherill (Distinction)

Advanced 1:
Annabelle Clappison (Merit) Emily Gunn (Merit) Hannah Lucas (Merit) Sophie Pulford (Distinction)

Advanced 2:
Harriet Batty (Distinction) Emily Bolton ( Distinction) Emily Carline (Distinction) Jordaine Lincoln (Distinction) Sophie West (Distinction)

Hull Pantomime:
Pupils from the LWHS School of Dance Performed in the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Pantomime, at the Hull New Theatre. Congratulations to the selected pupils for their fantastic performances.

Students currently studying at full time Vocational Dance Schools:
Emily Bolton – Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary
Bethany Curry – Northern School of Contemporary
Emily Gunn – Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary
Chelsea Hall – London Studio Centre
Olivia Ketley – London Studio Centre
Jessica Lowery – Italia Conti Lower School London
Claudia Ulrick – Tring Park
Josie Walker – Elmhurst School for Dance
Harriet Batty – Northern School of Contemporary
Emily Carline – Kate Simmons Dance
Maddie Green – Northern Ballet Leeds
Hetty Jackson – Tring Park
Jordaine Lincoln – Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary
Beth Meadway – Northern Ballet Leeds
Thalia Milner – Italia Conti London
Frances Shepherdson – Northern School of Contemporary
Conor Walmsley – Dutch National Ballet Academy
Sophie West – Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary

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