Sophie Moncaster AACI

Sophie started dancing at age 3, she became a RBS JA at age 8 and a York scholar age 9 taught by Louise Browne, and performed with Scottish Ballet in Nutcracker at age 9.

At age 11, Sophie successfully auditioned and went on to become a student at the Royal Ballet School, working with teachers such as Patricia Linton, Violet Verdy (Paris opera) and Linda Goss (first British dancer to be trained in Russia as a child).

She performed, Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Peter and the wolf, sharing the stage with names such as Dary Bussell, Viviana Duante and Sylvia Guillem.

After 5 years training at White Lodge, Sophie went on to train at Central Ballet School.

Sophie then went on to work on ships and travelled the world to places such as South Africa, South America and the Caribbean. During this time, she became Dance Captain and Company Manager. After retiring from performing, Sophie was asked to return to the MSC ships to become the Director’s assistant to the shows.

Currently Sophie teaches ballet at LWHS and has also recently become a fully qualified acrobatic arts instructor. AACI

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